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Alright, so here is the gif tutorial I mentioned! Now, this will only be for basic gifs.  I will not be teaching you how to colour them or put text on them or anything else, however I will link you to blogs where you can learn how to, among other things to do with GIMP.
Under the cut we go!~

First of all, you’re gonna need a few programs to make a gif.  KeepVid, VLC media player and GIMP.  I use GIMP 2.8.6 but I don’t think it matters which version of it you use.
Here are the links to the programs I mentioned:
KeepVid - this is where you will get your videos.
VLC media player - this is where you will get your screencaps.
GIMP - this is where you will make your gifs.
All websites and downloads are safe and free, and haven’t caused a problem for me.  Alternative websites can be found here, however these are the ones I trust and prefer to use.
Now, we’re moving onto the mini tutorials of getting the videos and screencaps.


1. go to KeepVid’s website (link is above).2. go to YouTube, pick the video you want and copy the URL.  I am using this video.3. go back to KeepVid’s website and then paste the link where it tells you to.4. click the download button next to where you pasted the link.  KeepVid will tell you what to do next, and then you wait.5. once it’s loaded, you will see this:

download the highest quality you can get (which is 720p).6. wait for the video to download.


Now, this is a very simple task.  It can take a bit of time, but that depends on how many screencaps you get.  It’s recommended to never go over 70 screencaps if you plan to do a gif over 245px wide.  I stay 35 and below for gifs that are 500px wide, however for smaller sizes, you can go pretty much nuts.
1. open up VLC media player.2. go to media > open file, then open up the video you downloaded.  It should be in your downloads.3. now, before you do anything else, pause the video and go to view > advanced controls.4. play the video for a bit and choose the part you want to gif.5. go back a few seconds until you have the part you wanna gif and then pause the video.6.  click that then go to video > take snapshot.  Keep doing that until you have all the screencaps you want.
Voilà! You’re done getting screencaps.


Now, we’re getting to the fun part!
1. open up GIMP.2. go to file > open as layers.  Select all of the screencaps you took and open them.3. now it’s time to crop the image.   click that and then hold your mouse down on the image, and then drag it to the size you want.4. go to image > scale image > input the size you want and then click ‘scale’.  Please keep in mind gifs and images should be a certain size if you don’t want them to look gross.  For photo posts like this, gifs should be 160x and any height.  For photo posts like this, gifs should be 245x and any height.  For photo posts like this, it should be 500px and any height.5. to see how your gif will look when it’s playing, go to filters > animation > playback.  Press play next.  Now, the gif will seem slow, but don’t worry about it.  We will be changing the speed later.6. go to filters > enhance > sharpen.  I usually sharpen it to 50%.7. do that with every screencapture by pressing the down arrow button on your keyboard and then Ctrl + F.8. go back to playback and click the Step arrow on it to make sure each screencap is sharpened.  If one isn’t, find it on the layers list and sharpen it.9. go to filters > animation > optimize for gif.10. next go to image > mode > indexed.  Here are my settings;

Click convert.11. go to file > export.  Input a new name and save it with .gif at the end.  Here are my settings;

Next click export and you’re done!
The finished product should look something like this;

I hope I’ve helped you with this tutorial.  If I haven’t, please let me know or ask any questions and I’ll try my best to help!
Here’s a list of GIMP blogs you should check out;
Absolute Gimp
Hell Yeah Gimp
FY Gimp