wild heart
emilie, 20;
i'd have a kaikai with juliet tbh.
hi hi!! I was wondering if you could post some rare photos if you can? those are my favorites :3

it’s in the queue, gorgeous! x

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i assume you use photoshop to make your gifs, but do you know any free way to make them without the website watermarks? thanks!!

I actually use gimp, which is basically a free, downloadable version of photoshop and much less confusing.  The only website I can think of is memecenter’s gif making program, and that’s only if you keep the height of the gifs 200 or below.  You could also use lunapic to edit out the watermarks.  I hope I helped, angelface.  <3

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Juliet Simms at The AP Music Awards. My photograph/edit, please don't repost.

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@andybvb and I are both thrilled to be here in Cleveland for the @altpress #APMAs tomorrow!! See you all there!! ❤️ - @thejulietsimms

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